• Rubber Bobbins

    Mounts with many uses, in male and female threads.

  • Machine Feet

    Used for both heavier and lighter, more precise machinery...

  • Buffer Rails

    Rectangular buffers that can be altered as needed.

  • Cone Mounts

    Cab mounts, limit movement under high shock loads.

  • Compactor Mounts

    Isolate high levels of vibration, shock and impact force....

  • Rubber Mounts

    Provides protection against vibrations in all three axes....

  • Device Mounts

    Used for lighter applications with high movements.

  • Isolation Mounts

    Used to reduce vibration in fans and ventilation systems....

  • Elastomeric Mounts

    Multi-axis mounts for best vibration protectio...

  • Wire Rope Mounts

    Made from stainless steel, good for hostile environments....

  • Adjustable Machine Feet / Levelling Feet

    Place heavy machinery on a slant or uneven surface. Equip...

  • Sandwich Mounts

    Rubber between metal plates, known as rectangular mounts....


AV Mounts

Machinery used in various industries ranging from construction to the defence sector can be subject to excessive noise and vibrations, which affects the lifespan, efficiency and safety of the equipment used. Anti-vibration mounts possess effective shock absorption properties and act as a vibration dampener to reduce noise and improve the longevity of machine applications.

Learn how to meet industry-standard isolation levels by choosing the correct vibration control products over on our blog, or shop our full range of products.

Our Most Popular Products

  • Rubber bobbins
    A versatile and cost-effective tool for reducing vibrations, rubber bobbins (also known as buffers) are easy to install, and can be fitted under compression load, shear load or even at an angle.
    Uses: Industrial and automotive applications and electrical equipment, among others.
  • Rubber mounts
    With a wide range of components available, we offer captive rubber anti-vibration mounts which are typically manufactured in chloroprene rubber, providing good oil and grease resistance.
    Uses: Mobile generator and compressor installations, automotive and marine applications.
  • Machine feet
    Available with or without rebound control, our machine feet and Triflex feet come in many different designs to suit any type of machine application, from lightweight to heavy-duty machinery.
    Uses: Marine mountings, engine mountings and generator mountings.
  • Sandwich mounts
    Also known as rectangular mounts, these are available in a range of sizes and styles, with options including mounting holes, stud fastenings and metal interleaves.

    Uses: Engine mounts, screen conveyor mounts and as general springs.

Bespoke Rubber Mounts

If you’re unable to find a product to suit your needs, we can create bespoke anti-vibration rubber mounts tailored to individual needs. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, our friendly on-site technical sales team can assist our customers with choosing the best rubber compound and AV mount for specific applications.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions about our anti-vibration mounts. If you’re interested in how we make our rubber mounts to suit your machinery, have a look at our process for more information.