Spherical Bearings


Spherical Bearings permit movement around a central point, usually they support a rotating shaft that is required to move rotationally and in various angles. GMT’s range of Spherical Bearings are suitable as mechanical joints on road and rail vehicle suspensions, pivot arms, engine / gearbox mountings and as captive cab mountings. Bearings can also be incorporated into Panhard Rods and Control Links. A range of Spherical Bearings are kept in stock, however for specific purposes, we can utilise Finite Element Analysis, 2D/3D modelling and mould tooling capability to provide bespoke solutions. Please contact GMT for more information.

Typical Product Dimensions:


GMT’s segmented spherical bearing design consists of a rubber section fully bonded to an inner profiled metal and to an outer metal consisting of three identical segments. When pressed in to the housing, the three segments close up, thereby pre-compressing the rubber section which helps to improve the life of the part.

Product Codes:

SPH-SB1119, SPH-SB1120, SPH-SB2184, SPH-SB1121, SPH-SB2473, SPH-SB2140, SPH-SB2130, SPH-SB2179, SPH-SB1615, SPH-SB1233, SPH-SB1187, SPH-SB1256, SPH-SB1368, SPH-SB1195, SPH-SB1616, 642002, 642005, 642016, 646001, 642004, 640004, 644044, 641023, 644001, 645001, 641001, 643004, 642006, 643001 /