Bolster Spring


Bolster Springs are often used in pairs fitted at an angle to a vertical axis; they are used in both primary and secondary suspension arrangements. When mounted at an angle the rubber is loaded in both shear and compression. We keep a selection of bolster springs in stock, a range of sizes and styles is available from existing tooling. If you require a specific bolster spring we don’t have, then we can design and develop the right solution for you.

Product Codes:

BOLSTER-BS1080, BOLSTER-BS1116, BOLSTER-BS1182, BOLSTER-BS1201, SIDE-MTG1199, SIDE-MTG1207, SIDE-MTG1208, SIDE-MTG1232, SIDE-MTG1394, SIDE-MTG1217, SIDE-MTG1882, MTG-MTG1210, MTG-MTG1214, MTG-MTG1218, MTG-MTG1227, MTG-MTG1247, MTG-MTG1258, MTG-MTG1367, 633003, 633002, 633013, 633010, 612001, 612002, 612003, 612001, 612002, 611002, 612016, 582002, 582001, 582003, 582004, 582005, 582008, 582007 /