Bolster Spring


Bolster Springs are usually installed in pairs, at a predetermined angle to a vertical axis such that the rubber is loaded in both shear and compression. They are primarily used in suspension systems, on both road and off-highway vehicles. GMT can offer a range of bolster spring sizes and styles from existing tooling. Alternatively we can design and develop a tailor made solution, if our current range of bolster springs is not suitable for your requirements.


GMT’s range of bolster springs are both simple to install and easy to maintain. Thanks to their durability, they offer a long service life making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Product Codes:

BOLSTER-BS1080, BOLSTER-BS1116, BOLSTER-BS1182, BOLSTER-BS1201, SIDE-MTG1199, SIDE-MTG1207, SIDE-MTG1208, SIDE-MTG1232, SIDE-MTG1394, SIDE-MTG1217, SIDE-MTG1882, MTG-MTG1210, MTG-MTG1214, MTG-MTG1218, MTG-MTG1227, MTG-MTG1247, MTG-MTG1258, MTG-MTG1367, 633003, 633002, 633013, 633010, 612001, 612002, 612003, 612001, 612002, 611002, 612016, 582002, 582001, 582003, 582004, 582005, 582008, 582007 /