Machine Feet


GMT's machine feet and Triflex mounts are available in a variety of sizes and styles, to suit both heavy duty machinery and lighter weight precision applications. Different designs of machine foot can be offered, either with or without rebound control and with a variety of fitment/installation configurations. All machine feet are produced in a range of rubber hardness options, many of which are held in stock.

Typical Product Dimensions:


GMT’s machine foot range is designed for use in both static and mobile applications, typically as engine mounts, marine mounts, compressor mounts and genset mounts. Some machine feet offer different stiffness characteristics in the three main directions of loading, thus allowing high flexibility to ensure good vibration isolation whilst minimising movement in other planes.

Product Codes:

AIR-MTG1501, AIR-MTG1502, AIR-MTG1503, M/C-MF1890, M/C-MF1892, M/C-MF1900, M/C-MF1901, M/C-MF1902, M/C-MF1903, M/C-MF1904, M/C-MF1905, M/C-MF1891, M/C-MF1906, M/C-MF1893, M/C-MF2202, M/C-MF1783, M/C-MF1060, M/C-MF2171, M/C-MF2172, M/C-MF2173, M/C-MF2174, M/C-MF2175, M/C-MF2176, M/C-MF2177, M/C-MF2178, TRIFLEX-MTG2597, TRIFLEX-MTG1494, TRIFLEX-MTG1497, TRIFLEX-MTG1086, TRIFLEX-MTG1087, TRIFLEX-MTG1088, TRIFLEX-MTG2019, TRIFLEX-MTG2218, STUD-M2196, STUD-M2197, STUD-M2198, STUD-M3120, STUD-M3121, STUD-M3122, STUD-M3123, STUD-M3124, STUD-M3125, STUD-M3126, STUD-M3127, STUD-M3128, STUD-M3129, STUD-M3130, STUD-M3131, STUD-M3132, STUD-M3133, STUD-M3134, STUD-M3135, IS-MTG1460, IS-MTG1461, IS-MTG1462, IS-MTG1463, IS-MTG1464, IS-MTG1465, IS-MTG146, 106001, 106002, 106003, 60.060.001, 100032, 100036, 104050, 104040, 104042, 104038, 104044, 104046, 100034, 104048, 100038, 100001, 630143, 630144, 630159, 630160, 630164, 630165, 630166, 630167, 139075, 719001, 719002, 719004, 100020, 100021, 100022, 104018, 100023, 151001, 151003, 151005, 151007, 151009, 151011, 151013 /