Elastomeric Mounts


Elastomeric Mounts provide multi-axis protection from shock and vibrations helping reduce noise.    Elastomeric mounts can be produced in a range of rubber compounds and hardness to suit the application requirements.  Different metals are possible for Elastomeric mounts including steel, stainless steel and aluminium.  If you require any additional information or a custom product, please don't hesitate to contact our technical team today.

Typical Product Dimensions:


MF Mountings are captive failsafe mountings providing protection in all axes, there are usually cut-outs in the rubber helping to minimise the stiffness.  These mounts are typically used to mount electronic equipment and can be produced in suitable materials for specific marine and defence applications

Product Codes:

MF-MTG1371, MF-MTG1751, MF-MTG2199, MF-MTG2200, 155018, 155014 /