Isolation Mounts


Vibration reduction is a method of avoiding unwanted vibration and noise. Vibration reduction can be achieved through the use of isolation mounts. GMT's range of Isolation Mounts are available in different sizes and rubber hardness' to suit each application, many of which are held in stock. Standard parts are manufactured from coloured natural rubber. If you cannot find the vibration isolation part you require, we can utilise our in house design and development processes to provide a bespoke solution. GMT specialise in creating new and innovative products to help reduce damage caused by vibration, our rubber Isolation Mounts are just one of many! 

Typical Product Dimensions:


Vibration Isolators are used to reduce vibration transmission for static applications and, due to their design, allow relatively high static deflections enabling isolation against low disturbing frequencies. Example applications where vibration isolators are used are fans, heating and ventilation equipment and air-conditioning units.

Product Codes: