• Machine Feet

    Used for both heavier and lighter, more precise machinery...

  • Cone Mounts

    Cab mounts, limit movement under high shock loads.

  • Rubber Mounts

    Provides protection against vibrations in all three axes....

  • Device Mounts

    Used for lighter applications with high movements.

  • Elastomeric Mounts

    Multi-axis mounts for best vibration protectio...

  • Wire Rope Mounts

    Made from stainless steel, good for hostile environments....

  • Sandwich Mounts

    Rubber between metal plates, known as rectangular mounts....


Marine shock and vibration protection products are available which incorporate captive and failsafe designs capable of withstanding overloads while maintaining safe equipment operation, also increasing the longevity.

Numerous specific shock and vibration protection solutions from GMT have approval from the shipping societies such as Det Norske Veritas (DNV). This is alongside products that have been developed

to comply with the most extreme technical and operational specifications within the marine sector (e.g. Mil, BV, MOD, STANAG, etc). Please contact GMT today for more information about the Marine Anti Vibration Products we have to offer.