Sandwich Mounts


Sandwich mounts are made from rubber sandwiched between two metal plates (they can also be called rectangular mounts). A range of sandwich mount sizes and styles can be manufactured, incorporating mounting holes and/or stud fastenings and one or more metal interleaves. We usually hold a variety of sandwich mounts in stock, however should you not be able to find the product you need for your specific requirements, then we can utilise our design and development knowledge to produce the right solution for your needs. Please contact GMT today if you would like to know more about our sandwich mount range.

Typical Product Dimensions:


These mounts provide the benefit of the possibility of different stiffness’ in the three directions of loading. They are simple in construction and are used in a wide range of applications including engine mounts, screen conveyor mounts and as general springs for vibratory equipment.

Product Codes:

MTG-MTG1109, MTG-MTG1136, MTG-MTG1169, MTG-MTG1177, 359001, 359004 /