Rubber Dampers


Rubber dampers or shock absorbers are used to reduce the transmission of shock to the surrounding structure. Shock absorption is possible as the rubber absorber deflects under the applied shock load. The construction of rubber dampers (also known as rectangular buffers) is such that rubber is bonded to a metal plate which incorporates a number of fixing holes allowing for simple installation.

A wide range of dimensions and rubber hardness options are available from stock or alternatively rectangular buffers and rubber dampers can be specially manufactured to meet the customer's individual requirement.

At GMT Rubber we experts at creating bespoke solutions for our customers shock and vibration problems. Please contact us if you are having any trouble, or would like some advice! 

Typical Product Dimensions:


Rectangular buffers are of relatively simple construction and can be manufactured in a range of rubber compounds and metal types (for example mild steel or stainless steel) to suit the requirements of the application. GMT can also manufacture the required cross-section in 2 metre long rails, using our universal mould tooling. The rail can then be cut to the required rectangular buffer length.