Levelling Feet


Equipment levelling feet are designed to keep machinery level when placed on uneven or sloped ground. Otherwise known as adjustable equipment feet, they are available to order in a wide variety of size and load capacity combinations. Our collection of equipment levelling feet will also help to reduce harmful vibrations. We can design our equipment feet to incorporate noise-absorbing materials for a quieter, work environment. Materials that we can use to create our adjustable equipment feet include plated steel, stainless steel and polyamide. Our adjustable rubber feet are also a popular choice and suit a range of conveyor systems and machinery applications. Our range is also designed to allow for easy, fast installation. Some can be offered with ground fixing options, and we can also produce equipment feet that adhere to medical, food and hygiene industry standards. A small quantity of adjustable equipment feet is usually held in stock. Alternatively, the equipment levelling foot range can usually be offered within 1 to 2 weeks lead time and is subject to a minimum order quantity of 20 pieces.

Typical Product Dimensions:


Equipment levelling feet are typically used on presses and punching machines, lathes, grinding machines and milling machines, and on very heavy machinery. Adjustable equipment feet allow machinery to be levelled when installed on uneven ground. Adjustable rubber feet have a range of applications and can add grip when used on hard surfaces or industrial settings, as a low-cost anti-vibration solution. Our range of equipment feet come in various sizes to suit your needs.

You can learn more about levelling feet in our comprehensive guide.

Product Codes:

ADJ-AMF1011, 110001, ADJ-AMF1012, 110002, ADJ-AMF1013, 110003, ADJ-AMF1014, 110004, ADJ-AMF1015, 110005, ADJ-AMF1016, 110006, ADJ-AMF1017, LEVEL-STD2163-D01, LEVEL-STD2163-D02, LEVEL-STD2163-D03, LEVEL-STD2163-D04, LEVEL-STD2163-D05, LEVEL-STD2163-D06, LEVEL-STD2163-D07, LEVEL-STD2163-D10, LEVEL-STD2163-D11, LEVEL-STD2163-D12, LEVEL-STD2163-D13, LEVEL-STD2163-D14, LEVEL-STD2163-D15, LEVEL-STD2163-D16, LEVEL-STD2163-D20, LEVEL-STD2163-D21, LEVEL-STD2163-D22, LEVEL-STD2163-D23, LEVEL-STD2163-D24, LEVEL-STD2163-D25, LEVEL-STD2163-D26, LEVEL-STD2163-F30, LEVEL-STD2163-F31, LEVEL-STD2163-F32, LEVEL-STD2163-S01, LEVEL-STD2163-S02, LEVEL-STD2163-S03, LEVEL-STD2163-S04, LEVEL-STD2163-S05, LEVEL-STD2163-S06, LEVEL-STD2163-S07, LEVEL-STD2163-S08, LEVEL-STD2163-S09, LEVEL-STD2163-S10, LEVEL-STD2163-S11, LEVEL-STD2163-S12, LEVEL-STD2163-S13, LEVEL-STD2163-S14, LEVEL-STD2163-S15, LEVEL-STD2163-S16, LEVEL-STD2163-S17, LEVEL-STD2163-S18, LEVEL-STD2163-S19, LEVEL-STD2163-S20, LEVEL-STD2163-S21, LEVEL-STD2163-S22, LEVEL-STD2163-S23, LEVEL-STD2163-S24, LEVEL-STD2163-S25, LEVEL-STD2163-S26, LEVEL-STD2163-S40, LEVEL-STD2163-S41, LEVEL-STD2163-S50, LEVEL-STD2163-S51, LEVEL-STD2163-S52, LEVEL-STD2163-S53, LEVEL-STD2163-S54, LEVEL-STD2163-S55, LEVEL-STD2163-S56, LEVEL-STD2163-S57, LEVEL-STD2163-S58, LEVEL-STD2163-S59, LEVEL-STD2163-S60, LEVEL-STD2163-S61, LEVEL-STD2163-S62, LEVEL-STD2163-S63, LEVEL-STD2163-S64, LEVEL-STD2163-S65, LEVEL-STD2163-S66, LEVEL-STD2163-S67, LEVEL-STD2163-S68, LEVEL-STD2163-S69, LEVEL-STD2163-S70LEVEL-STD2163-S71, LEVEL-STD2163-S72, LEVEL-STD2163-S73, LEVEL-STD2163-S74, LEVEL-STD2163-S75, LEVEL-STD2163-S90, LEVEL-STD2163-S91, LEVEL-ADJ2164-F01, LEVEL-ADJ2164-F02, LEVEL-ADJ2164-F03, LEVEL-ADJ2164-D01, LEVEL-ADJ2164-D02, LEVEL-ADJ2164-D03, LEVEL-ADJ2164-F10, LEVEL-ADJ2164-D04, LEVEL-ADJ2164-S01, LEVEL-ADJ2164-S02, LEVEL-ADJ2164-S03, LEVEL-ADJ2164-S04, LEVEL-ADJ2164-S05, LEVEL-ADJ2164-S06, LEVEL-ADJ2164-S07, LEVEL-ADJ2164-S08, LEVEL-ADJ2164-S09, LEVEL-ADJ2164-S20LEVEL-ADJ2164-S21, LEVEL-ADJ2164-S22, LEVEL-ADJ2164-S23, LEVEL-ADJ2164-S24, LEVEL-ADJ2164-S25, LEVEL-ADJ2164-S26LEVEL-ADJ2164-S27, LEVEL-ADJ2164-S28, LEVEL-ECO2165-F01, LEVEL-ECO2165-F02, LEVEL-ECO2165-F03, LEVEL-ECO2165-S01, LEVEL-ECO2165-S02, LEVEL-ECO2165-S03, LEVEL-ECO2165-S04, LEVEL-ECO2165-S05, LEVEL-ECO2165-S06, LEVEL-ECO2165-S07, LEVEL-ECO2165-S08, LEVEL-ECO2165-S09, LEVEL-ECO2165-S10, LEVEL-ECO2165-S11, LEVEL-ECO2165-S12, LEVEL-ECO2165-S13, LEVEL-ECO2165-S14, LEVEL-ECO2165-S15, LEVEL-ECO2165-S16, LEVEL-ECO2165-S17, LEVEL-ECO2165-S18, LEVEL-ECO2165-S19, LEVEL-ECO2165-S20LEVEL-ECO2165-S21, LEVEL-ECO2165-S22, LEVEL-ECO2165-S23, LEVEL-ECO2165-D01, LEVEL-ECO2165-D02, LEVEL-ECO2165-D03, LEVEL-END2166-S01, LEVEL-END2166-S02, LEVEL-END2166-S03LEVEL-END2166-S04, LEVEL-END2166-S05, LEVEL-END2166-S06, LEVEL-END2166-S07, LEVEL-END2166-S08, LEVEL-END2166-S09, LEVEL-END2166-S1LEVEL-END2166-S11, LEVEL-END2166-S12, LEVEL-END2166-S13, LEVEL-END2166-S14 /