Adjustable Machine Feet / Levelling Feet


Equipment levelling feet are designed to keep machinery level when placed on uneven or sloped ground. Otherwise known as adjustable machine feet, they are available to order in various size and load capacity combinations. It is extremely important to have the right size of levelling feet for your application, depending on their intended use and load.


With the range of sizes and materials available at GMT, our adjustable equipment feet are extremely flexible and suited for different applications. Designed for easy, fast installation, our levelling feet can be offered to suit a range of conveyor systems and machinery applications. These equipment levelling feet will also help to reduce harmful vibrations. The rubber pad material incorporated in to this range, is oil and water-resistant ensuring the products' longevity in case of contamination to the footplate.  If you would like to enquire about purchasing some levelling feet, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist.

Typical Product Dimensions:


Equipment levelling feet are typically used on presses and punching machines, lathes, grinding machines and milling machines, and on very heavy machinery. Adjustable equipment feet allow machinery to be levelled when installed on uneven ground. Adjustable rubber feet have a range of applications and can add grip when used on hard surfaces or industrial settings, as a low-cost anti-vibration solution. Our range of equipment feet come in various sizes to suit your needs.

Product Codes:

ADJ-AMF1011, 110001, ADJ-AMF1012, 110002, ADJ-AMF1013, 110003, ADJ-AMF1014, 110004, ADJ-AMF1015, 110005, ADJ-AMF1016, 110006, ADJ-AMF1017 /