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  • Type B
  • Type C
  • KSD Buffer
  • Miniature Buffer
  • Slotted Type A
  • Slotted Waisted Type B
  • Rubber bobbinInterleaf Type A
  • Slotted Waisted Type A

Rubber Bobbins


Rubber Bobbins (Buffers) are a popular and cost-effective solution for protecting a wide range of equipment from shock and vibrations. They have a wide range of uses, from industrial and automotive applications to electrical equipment. GMT stock a wide range of Rubber Bobbin Mounting.  Different configurations of rubber bobbins are available with male/female fixings.  Please refer to the specification sheets for more information or contact our knowledgeable team.

Typical Product Dimensions:


The parts are easily installed due to the simple fixing and alternative fixing methods options generally available from stock with either male stud or female fastenings at each end. A wide range of parts are available covering most loading requirements. Buffers can also be installed under compression, shear load or at an angle (compression and shear).

Product Codes:

HEX-BF1960, HEX-BF1215, HEX-BF1200, HEX-BF1184, HEX-BF1089, MINIATURE-BF1031, MINIATURE-BF1032, MINIATURE-BF1033, BFR-BF1176, BFR-BF1148, BFR-BF1490, BFR-BF2474, BFR-BF1872, BFR-BF1255, BFR-BF1254, BFR-BF1632, BFR-BF1609, BFR-BF1610, BFR-BF2215, BFR-BF1117, BFR-BF2152, BFR-BF1871, BFR-BF1868, BFR-BF1673, BFR-BF1603, BFR-BF2074, BFR-BF1192, BFR-BF2195, BFR-BF1191, BFR-BF1219, BFR-BF1608, BFR-BF1098, 505045, 505039, 570001, 570002, 570003, 539002, 509013, 509028, 505049, 505031, 505042, 505042, 505036, 515073, 510093, 515060, 515055, 510069, 510057, 515058, 505080, 505063, 505066, 505037 /