Cone Mounts


GMT manufacture a wide range of cone mounts in a variety of sizes and installation configurations, and they are often available from stock. Cone mountings, sometimes used as cab mounts) provide a captive solution and offer progressive stiffness characteristics. The cone mounts are generally supplied with protective overload and rebound washers to limit movement under high shock loads. Different rubber compound options can be offered to suit specific environmental conditions.

Typical Product Dimensions:


The captive, failsafe design of the cone mounts makes them suitable for use on mobile applications subjected to high shock loads, such as off-road/rough terrain vehicles or marine systems. Some cone mounts can be offered with cutouts or slots in the rubber section, providing different stiffness characteristics in the two horizontal planes.

Product Codes:

CONE-MTG1110, CONE-MTG2192, CONE-MTG1111, CONE-MTG1252, CONE-MTG1572, CONE-MTG1654, CONE-MTG1253, CONE-MTG1350, CONE-MTG1821, CONE-MTG1977, CONE-MTG1134, CONE-MTG1112, CONE-MTG1157, CONE-MTG2098, CONE-MTG1113, CONE-MTG1154, CONE-MTG2068, CONE-MTG1146, CONE-MTG2151, CONE-MTG2142, CONE-MTG1819, 113004, 133002, 139005, 131011, 131013, 131014, 131001, 132002, 139008, 131009, 131006 /