Buffer Rails


Rectangular buffers can be cut from buffer rails. The buffer rail can be manufactured in lengths of up to 2 metres in existing GMT standard tooling, and can be cut or drilled to suit the individual customer’s needs. Various different configurations are available as detailed in the product datasheet. Please contact GMT for more information with regard to our buffer rails and the applications that they can be used for.

Typical Product Dimensions:


Due to the production process of cutting rectangular mounts from the rails after manufacture, different length mounts are possible without the need to invest in mould tooling. Without the requirement for new mould tooling, lead times are also kept to a minimum.

Product Codes:

MTG-MTG1224, MTG-MTG1834, MTG-MTG1724, MTG-MTG1833, MTG-MTG1180, MTG-MTG1812, MTG-MTG2149, MTG-MTG1781, MTG-MTG1780, MTG-MTG1742, MTG-MTG1768, MTG-MTG1769, MTG-MTG1907, MTG-MTG1908, MTG-MTG1129, RAIL-B-RA1649, RAIL-B-RA1546, RAIL-B-RA1103, RAIL-B-RA1058, RAIL-B-RA1639, RAIL-B-RA1139, RAIL-B-RA1547, RAIL-B-RA2469, MTG-MTG1813, MTG-MTG1822, RAIL-C-RA1548, MTG-MTG1899, RECT-RB1974, RECT-RB1887, RECT-RB1886, RECT-RB1147, RECT-RB1756, RECT-RB1750, RECT-RB1203, RECT-RB1161, RECT-RB1823, RECT-RB1178, RECT-RB1185, RECT-RB1143, RECT-RB1782, RECT-RB1338, RECt-RB1131, RECt-RB1106, RECT-RB1779, RAIL-D-RA1885, RAIL-D-RA1802, RAIL-D-RA2239, RAIL-D-RA2240, RAIL-D-RA1567, RAIL-D-RA1140, RAIL-D-RA1747, RAIL-D-RA1789, RAIL-D-RA1588, RAIL-D-RA1912, RAIL-D-RA1986, RAIL-D-RA2907, RAIL-D-RA1883, RECT-RB1849, RECT-RB1848, RECT-RB1847, RECT-RB1846, RECT-RB1759, RECT-RB1757, RECT-RB2249, RECT-RB1395, RECT-RB2886, RECT-RB2887, 822037, 821087, 822038, 822017, 821099, 820003, 820004, 821090, 820001, 820002, 820007, 820006, 821077, 821068, 822055, 831147, 830042, 840067, 840063, 840061, 841048, 841045, 841047, 840045, 841011, 842016, 809105, 840056, 849031, 840086, 840085, 842017, 842018, 840069, 840094, 850212, 850209, 850210, 850211, 859113, 878006, 870012, 857070 /