Device Mounts


GMT have a range of Device Mounts which can be used for light applications requiring relatively high movement for example protection of electronic equipment or transit cases. Different designs (V mounts, W mounts and U mounts) are available - please refer to the specification for detailed information.  For more information about design mounts or if you require design and development of a specific device mount, then please contact GMT today.

Typical Product Dimensions:


GMT U Mounts due to their design can be loaded in any of the three planes, but are generally loaded vertically where the rubber is loaded in shear allowing for relatively high deflections.  Application examples include the isolation of pumps and fans on stationary equipment

Product Codes:

MTG1438, MTG1439, MTG1437, MTG1446, U-MTG1470, U-MTG1506, U-MTG1246, U-MTG1471, U-MTG1472, U-MTG1473, U-MTG1474, H-MTG1964, H-MTG2106, H-MTG1936, H-MTG1937, H-MTG2191, H-MTG1964, H-MTG2106, H-MTG1936, H-MTG1937, HOLE-MTG1090, HOLE-MTG1091, HOLE-MTG1092, HOLE-MTG1095, HOLE-MTG1094, HOLE-MTG1096, HOLE-MTG1093, HOLE-MTG1359, HOLE-MTG1097, MTG-MTG1149, MTG-MTG1251, MTG-MTG1100, MTG-MTG1933, MTG-MTG1932, MTG-MTG2076, MTG-MTG2067, MTG-MTG1551, MTG-MTG1205, MTG-MTG1230, MTG-MTG1213, MTG-MTG1122, MTG-MTG1123, MTG-MTG1124, MTG-MTG1125, MTG-MTG1126, MTG-MTG1127, MTG-MTG2219, MTG-MTG2220, MTG-MTG2058, MTG-MTG1491, MTG-MTG1607, MTG-MTG1851, MTG-MTG1914, MTG-MTG2252, MTG-MTG1150, MTG-MTG1920, MTG-MTG2066, MTG-MTG2015, MTG-MTG2073, MTG-MTG2053, T-MTG1676, T-MTG1674, T-MTG1679, T-MTG1682, T-MTG1691, T-MTG1692, T-MTG1697, T-MTG1685, T-MTG1708, T-MTG1692, IS-MTG1460, IS-MTG1461, IS-MTG1462, IS-MTG1463, IS-MTG1464, IS-MTG1465, IS-MTG1466, 140001, 140003, 140002, 140004, 140005, 140006, 740001, 740002, 740003, 740008, 740009, 740006, 740004, 740005, 740007, 705011, 705007, 134001733001, 731001, 103006, 965046, 634000, 634050, 634100, 634200, 634300, 634400, 634101, 634201, 519022, 519014, 809001, 529038, 529060, 822018, 822019, 620119, 620115, 620202, 620107, 151001, 151003, 151005, 151007, 151009, 151011, 151013 /