Rubber Bearings


GMT design, manufacture and supply a range of Rubber Bearings which work as mechanical joints in a variety of applications, including road and rail vehicle suspensions, pivot arms, engine and gearbox mountings and control links. All of our Rubber Bearings are high quality and have been designed to last.

Typical Product Dimensions:


GMT segmented spherical bearings consist of an inner metal and three outer metal segments with rubber fully bonded between them.  When installed in a housing the three outer segments close up toegther to form a concentric cyclinder this process pre-compresses the rubber helping improve the life of the part.

Product Codes:

SPH-SB1119, SPH-SB1120, SPH-SB2184, SPH-SB1121, SPH-SB2473, SPH-SB2140, SPH-SB2130, SPH-SB2179, SPH-SB1615, SPH-SB1233, SPH-SB1187, SPH-SB1256, SPH-SB1368, SPH-SB1195, SPH-SB1616, 642002, 642005, 642016, 646001, 642004, 640004, 644044, 641023, 644001, 645001, 641001, 643004, 642006, 643001 /