Stop Buffers


Stop Buffers are designed for high impact shock protection and are available with either a single fixing stud or mounting plate.   We have a variety of Stop Buffers available in stock or from existing tooling. GMT stock a range of sizes, suitable for a wide range of requirements. Please get in touch if you require any additional information or advice on any of our product ranges.

Typical Product Dimensions:


Typically the GMT Stop Buffer product is produced in a hard rubber compound allowing for high energy absorption in shock applications.  Examples of applications include the absorption of impacts for overhead cranes.

Product Codes:

STOP-BF1000-71, STOP-BF1001-71, STOP-BF1002-71, STOP-BF1003-71, STOP-BF1004-71, STOP-BF1005-71, STOP-BF1006-71, STOP-BF1007-71, STOP-BF1008-71, STOP-RB1069-71, STOP-RB1070-71, STOP-RB1071-72, STOP-RB1072-73, STOP-RB1073-74, STOP-RB1074-75, STOP-RB1075-76, STOP-RB1076-77, STOP-RB1077-78, RECT-RB1099, RECT-RB1105, RECT-RB1107, RECT-RB1211, RECT-RB1212, RECT-RB1221, RECT-RB1238, SUCTION-BF1021, SUCTION-BF1022, SUCTION-BF1023, SUCTION-BF1024, SUCTION-BF1025, SUCTION-BF1026, SUCTION-BF1027, SUCTION-BF1028, SUCTION-BF1029, 551900, 551901, 551902, 551903, 551904, 551905, 551906, 551907, 551908, 554901, 554902, 554903, 554904, 554905, 554906, 554907, 554908, 554908, 849005, 849002, 849001, 849003, 849006, 849010, 560001, 560002, 560003, 560004, 560005, 560006, 560007, 560008, 560009 /