Stop Buffers


GMT's Stop Buffers are designed for high impact shock protection and are available with either a single fixing stud or a mounting plate. We usually stock a range of sizes, suitable for a wide range of requirements. Alternatively, we can produce customer specific solutions from our existing tooling, in different material and metal finish options. Please contact us if you require further information on our Stop Buffer range or alternatively with regard to any of our other product ranges.

Typical Product Dimensions:


Typically the GMT Stop Buffer range is produced in a hard rubber compound allowing for high energy absorption in shock applications. Examples of applications include the absorption of impacts for overhead cranes.

Product Codes:

STOP-BF1000-71, STOP-BF1001-71, STOP-BF1002-71, STOP-BF1003-71, STOP-BF1004-71, STOP-BF1005-71, STOP-BF1006-71, STOP-BF1007-71, STOP-BF1008-71, STOP-RB1069-71, STOP-RB1070-71, STOP-RB1071-72, STOP-RB1072-73, STOP-RB1073-74, STOP-RB1074-75, STOP-RB1075-76, STOP-RB1076-77, STOP-RB1077-78, RECT-RB1099, RECT-RB1105, RECT-RB1107, RECT-RB1211, RECT-RB1212, RECT-RB1221, RECT-RB1238, SUCTION-BF1021, SUCTION-BF1022, SUCTION-BF1023, SUCTION-BF1024, SUCTION-BF1025, SUCTION-BF1026, SUCTION-BF1027, SUCTION-BF1028, SUCTION-BF1029, 551900, 551901, 551902, 551903, 551904, 551905, 551906, 551907, 551908, 554901, 554902, 554903, 554904, 554905, 554906, 554907, 554908, 554908, 849005, 849002, 849001, 849003, 849006, 849010, 560001, 560002, 560003, 560004, 560005, 560006, 560007, 560008, 560009 /