Rubber Bobbins

Rubber Bobbins (Buffers) are a popular and cost-effective solution for protecting a wide range of equipment from shock and vibrations. They have a wide range of uses, from industrial and automotive applications to electrical equipment. GMT stock a wide range of Rubber Bobbin Mountings. Different configurations of rubber bobbins are available with male/female fixings. Please refer to the datasheets for more information or contact our knowledgeable team.

Stop Buffers

Stop Buffers are designed to protect against high impact shock and are available with either a single fixing stud or a mounting plate. We usually stock a range of sizes, suitable for a wide range of requirements. Alternatively, we can produce customer specific solutions from our existing tooling, in different material and metal finish options. Please contact us if you require further information on our Stop Buffer range or alternatively with regard to any of our other product ranges.

Couplers & Drawgear

GMT produce rubber flexible elements used in couplers and drawgear. The rubber compound springs can be used in a stack inside the assembly to provide compliance in both directions integral to the coupler or drawgear assembly. Through varying the dimensions, number of rubber elements, number of metal interleaves and rubber compound various spring characteristics can be achieved to suit the application.

Machine Feet

GMT’s machine feet and Triflex mounts are available in a variety of sizes and styles, to suit both heavy duty machinery and lighter weight precision applications. Different designs of machine foot can be offered, either with or without rebound control and with a variety of fitment/installation configurations. All machine feet are produced in a range of rubber hardness options, many of which are held in stock.

Buffer Rails

Rectangular buffers can be cut from buffer rails. The buffer rail can be manufactured in lengths of up to 2 metres in existing GMT standard tooling, and can be cut or drilled to suit the individual customer’s needs. Various different configurations are available as detailed in the product datasheet. Please contact GMT for more information with regard to our buffer rails and the applications that they can be used for.

Control Links

Control Links or control arms (also know as link arm assemblies) can be manufactured to suit customers’ individual requirements, incorporating either fully bonded bushes or rubber bearings (sometimes called spherical bearings) depending on the specific application. Primarily manufactured for the rail vehicle industry to aid axle location and resistance to breaking and traction forces, control links can also be used in other industrial sectors, such as in automotive or off-highway vehicle suspension systems. To find out more about GMT’s control links or any of our other product ranges, please don’t hesitate to contact our expert team today.

Resilient Railway Wheels

GMT specialise in providing high quality shock and noise reduction products to the railway industry, including Resilient Railway Wheels. These wheels can provide a significant reduction in noise and vibration through the use of rubber between the outer and inner metals.

Resilient Wheels offer other benefits such as lower operating costs. This is because they prevent unnecessary wear to the wheel and the track due to their elastic properties. There are three main types of Resilient Wheels available to order:

  • Bonded rubber discs– Used in pure shear providing good deflection for small loads (<35KN) generally used on lower speed applications (<50km/hr).
  • Pre-compressed rubber rings
  • Rubber blocks– Used in pure compression providing small deflections (<0.8mm) for high frequency and can be used on higher speed applications.

For more information on our range, please contact our knowledgeable and friendly team today.

Rolling Rubber Springs

GMT offer a large range of rolling rubber mounts which are vibration dampening elements consisting of a rubber ring, a tapered insert and a metal housing. The metal parts and the rubber ring are not bonded together by vulcanisation. Roller springs are used for dampening vibrations in rail vehicles. The characteristics of roller springs can be varied as required within their permissible capacity. Load capacities range from 20 to 80kN with suspension travel ranging from 60 to 120mm.

Rubber Bearings

GMT manufacture a range of rubber bearings such as spherical bearings, which work as mechanical joints in a variety of applications. These include road and rail vehicle suspensions, pivot arms, engine and gearbox mountings and control links. The rubber bearings can be offered in various designs and with different fitment options. Alternatively we can design a bespoke solution if existing products are not suitable for the application.

Screening Equipment Parts

GMT Screening Equipment Parts are used extensively on vibratory screen, crusher and conveyor applications. The mounts are often used to both provide isolation to the surrounding structures and to allow for the vibratory movement required to convey or sort products. Due to the dynamic nature of the application special rubber compounds can be used to obtain the desired effects whilst maximising the life of the products.

Tank Track Pads

GMT manufacture a large range of high quality wear resistance rubber track pads for use on a range of worldwide battle tanks and defence related tracked military vehicles. The specially developed abrasion resistant compounds are used to prolong life of the parts to reduce servicing needs in the field. Please contact GMT to discuss your requirements.

Aerospace Mounts

GMT supply a wide range of specialist rubber mounts for aircraft manufacturers. Our elastomeric MF shock mounts can be used to mount all kinds of electrical and mechanical components inside the plane such as instruments in the cockpit, air conditioning units, electrical components for flight control or pumps and gear drives on the jet engines.

GMT also supply shock mount systems for prevention of intrusion through the cockpit door. These elements absorb the attempted intrusion and thus protect the locking mechanism effectively. Overhead compartments are also mounted using GMT products. Their correct mounting in the plane is of great importance as these hollow containers increase existing vibrations. The overhead compartments are therefore isolated against vibrations with the help of GMT shock mounts.

To provide aircraft crew members the opportunity of a restorative sleep in the cabin crew rest compartment, it is necessary to keep the noise inside the plane at the lowest possible level. Rubber metal parts are particularly convenient for this purpose as they greatly reduce the acoustic noise generated by the jet engines as well as flow-generated noise.

Tie Rods

The aircraft division of GMT specialises in customised development, design, qualification and production of structure stabilising elements. Innovation and short lead times are characteristics of our work and our products.

Rubber Bushes

Rubber bushes are a type of anti vibration bush that generally consist of cylindrical inner and outer metals, fully bonded with rubber in between. The rubber bush for the suspension can be pressed into a housing, which will provide compliance between the inner and outer metals in the radial, axial , torsional and conical directions.

A wide range of rubber bush designs can be offered; with hollow inner metals, solid inner metals (with lugs), segmented outer metals, and profiled inner/outer metals. If you require rubber bushes for a specific application, our experienced engineers can offer a custom anti vibration service using our advanced Finite Element Analysis software and calculations.

We are the countries leading expert at creating bespoke anti-vibration fittings for a wide range of different industries. So if you have any queries regarding shock, vibration and noise reduction please contact us and we will find a solution for you.

Rubber Pads

Rubber pads usually consist of a steel base plate bonded to a rubber section, using a vulcanisation process. In most cases, they are installed in the application via holes in the base plate. Rubber vibration pads are manufactured in a variety of sizes and rubber hardness options, to provide protection against unwanted shock and vibration in a wide range of applications. The rubber anti-vibration pads can also be produced in various rubber compound types, and with different base plate materials and finishes, to suit specific application requirements.

Air Suspensions

From our IRIS approved manufacturing facility, GMT can offer a large range of existing air springs and full air spring systems. Alternatively our experienced engineers can design a bespoke air spring system to meet the individual requirements of the application. As an approved supplier to numerous major global OEMs, GMT has gained a reputation for providing high quality products which is imperative for the rail vehicle industry.

GMT’s air springs provide high torsional, horizontal and conical displacements, characterising in a low frequency ride which minimises vibration transmission and maximises passenger comfort. They can be supplied complete with additional secondary rubber springs (also known as emergency springs or auxiliary springs), providing further suspension protection in case of air supply defect or leakage.

Resilient Wheels Defence

GMT manufacture a selection of rubber wheels to suit a range of applications. Our selection of resilient wheels for the defence industry includes track systems used on main battle tanks, other armoured personnel carriers, snow groomers and snowcats.

Alternatively, we offer resilient wheel systems which can be used on railways, urban tramways and on other applications such as overhead cable car systems and aerial tramways. Through our understanding of the individual applications, GMT has developed a range of rubber compounds exclusively for use in the manufacture of resilient wheels to support the diverse range of extreme environments that such rubber wheels operate in.

Rubber Wheels

GMT manufactures a selection of rubber wheels to suit a range of applications, including track systems used on main battle tanks, other armoured personnel carriers, snow groomers and snowcats, resilient wheel systems used on railways and urban tramways and on other applications such as overhead cable car systems and aerial tramways. Through our understanding of the individual applications, GMT has developed a range of rubber compounds exclusively for use in the manufacture of resilient wheels to support the diverse range of extreme environments that such rubber wheels operate in.

Rubber Springs

Rubber springs are available in a range of sizes and designs allowing for relatively high levels of deflections for shock absorption, as rubber spring suspension can hold considerably more weight, compared to other spring materials. A rubber spring from GMT can be supplied with metal inserts to assist with installation. In most cases, their design is such that the centre of the rubber spring is hollow and profiled to allow for high levels of deflection and a high load performance without overstressing the rubber.

We specialise in creating bespoke anti-vibration fittings for our customers and are always happy to design innovative products for you. If you find that our collection of rubber springs is not suitable for your needs, then please contact our technical team for more information.

Cone Mounts

Cone mounts are designed to provide a captive solution and offer progressive stiffness characteristics. They are generally supplied with protective overload and rebound washers to limit movement under high shock loads. Cone mountings can also be referred to as cab mounts.

GMT manufacture a wide selection of cone mounts in a variety of sizes and installation configurations, and they are often available from stock. Different rubber compound options can be offered to suit specific environmental conditions.

Compactor Mounts

GMT can offer a wide selection of mounts which have been designed specifically for the compaction industry. Our range of products includes plate compactor mounts, roller mounts, waisted mounts and drum mounts, all of which are supplied to major international OEMS for use on walk-behind rollers, ride-on rollers, plate compactors and towed rollers. In this type of application, very high levels of mechanically induced vibration and impact forces need to be isolated. These heavy duty compactor mounts are designed to provide isolation of the vibrating drum or plate whilst preventing wear and fatigue on moving parts. To reduce downtime of machinery, products can usually be offered from stock.

Rubber Mounts

GMT can offer a range of rubber mounts suitable for various applications where a captive solution is required. Their simple design allows for easy installation, and restricts movement in both vertical directions thereby offering a good level of shock protection. Standard rubber mountings are manufactured in chloroprene rubber, which provides good resistance to oils and greases. Other rubber compounds can be offered to suit different environmental conditions.

Rubber Dampers

Rubber dampers or shock absorbers are used to reduce the transmission of shock to the surrounding structure. Shock absorption is possible as the rubber absorber deflects under the applied shock load. The construction of rubber dampers (also known as rectangular buffers) is such that rubber is bonded to a metal plate which incorporates a number of fixing holes allowing for simple installation.

A wide range of dimensions and rubber hardness options are available from stock or alternatively rectangular buffers and rubber dampers can be specially manufactured to meet the customer’s individual requirement.

At GMT Rubber we experts at creating bespoke solutions for our customers shock and vibration problems. Please contact us if you are having any trouble, or would like some advice! 

Chevron Springs

GMT chevron springs (also known as axle springs) are multipurpose vibration reducing elements, primarily used in the rail vehicle industry. They are both simple to install and easy to maintain. Thanks to their durability, they offer a long service life meaning they are ideal for use in all types of rail vehicle application. By selecting the angle of the steel sections and the number of intermediate steel interleaves, in conjunction with the relative installation angle of the chevron spring pair, three different spring stiffness’ can be achieved. Furthermore, the degree of stiffness can also be varied by altering the geometric dimensions of the individual layers, and also by changing the rubber hardness.

Please contact GMT today if you have specific requirement with regard to chevron axle springs. If we can’t provide you with a suitable spring from our extensive existing range, our experienced engineering team can design a bespoke solution for you.

Device Mounts

GMT manufacture a range of Device Mounts which can be used for light applications requiring relatively high movement, for example for the protection of electronic equipment or in transit case production. Different designs (V mounts, W mounts and U mounts) are available – please refer to the datasheets for detailed information.  Alternatively if you require design and development of a specific device mount, then please contact GMT today.

Side Bearer Mounts

GMT have a range of Side Bearer Mountings in a variety of sizes. These are generally used as secondary springs for bogies. They provide a high load capacity and large deflections horizontally and vertically.

Railway Engine Mounts

Engine mounts have two purposes. Firstly securing an engine and gearbox into machinery; and secondly to absorb any shocks and vibrations in operation that could do damage to the engine. Engine mounts are made from high quality rubber and steel.

Railway engine mounts that are past their prime can lead to issues some as mechanical damage due to engine movement and vibration, as such it is important to ensure that you regularly check and replace them. From OEM automotive manufacturers and marine equipment to fixed installations and portable equipment, our engine mounts deliver performance and protection you can rely on.

GMT are market leaders in engine mount technology. Our skills and knowledge mean we can provide you with the right engine mounts for your needs, whether that is from stock or by creating a bespoke product to fit your individual requirements.

Spherical Bearings

Spherical Bearings permit movement around a central point, usually they support a rotating shaft that is required to move rotationally and in various angles.

GMT’s range of Spherical Bearings are suitable as mechanical joints on road and rail vehicle suspensions, pivot arms, engine / gearbox mountings and as captive cab mountings. Bearings can also be incorporated into Panhard Rods and Control Links.

A range of Spherical Bearings are kept in stock, however for specific purposes, we can utilise Finite Element Analysis, 2D/3D modelling and mould tooling capability to provide bespoke solutions. Please contact GMT for more information.

Isolation Mounts

Vibration reduction is a method of avoiding unwanted vibration and noise. Vibration reduction can be achieved through the use of isolation mounts. GMT’s range of Isolation Mounts are available in different sizes and rubber hardness’ to suit each application, many of which are held in stock. Standard parts are manufactured from coloured natural rubber. If you cannot find the vibration isolation part you require, we can utilise our in house design and development processes to provide a bespoke solution. GMT specialise in creating new and innovative products to help reduce damage caused by vibration, our rubber Isolation Mounts are just one of many! 

Elastomeric Mounts

Elastomeric Mounts provide multi-axis protection from shock and vibrations, helping reduce noise. Elastomeric mounts can be produced in a range of rubber compounds and hardness’ to suit the application requirements. Different metals are possible for Elastomeric mounts including steel, stainless steel and aluminium. If you require any additional information or a custom product, please don’t hesitate to contact our technical team today.

Bolster Spring

Bolster Springs are usually installed in pairs, at a predetermined angle to a vertical axis such that the rubber is loaded in both shear and compression. They are primarily used in suspension systems, on both road and off-highway vehicles. GMT can offer a range of bolster spring sizes and styles from existing tooling. Alternatively we can design and develop a tailor made solution, if our current range of bolster springs is not suitable for your requirements.

Wire Rope Mounts

The multi-directional cable mount range is manufactured solely from stainless steel, and is designed to offer a maintenance-free solution for use in extremely hostile environments where high levels of vibration and shock control are required. The cable mount are certified to various military standards including: MIL-STD-167 (vibration), MIL-STD-810 (environmental conditions) & MIL-S-901 (shock).

Adjustable Machine Feet / Levelling Feet

Equipment levelling feet are designed to keep machinery level when placed on uneven or sloped ground. Otherwise known as adjustable machine feet, they are available to order in various size and load capacity combinations. It is extremely important to have the right size of levelling feet for your application, depending on their intended use and load.


With the range of sizes and materials available at GMT, our adjustable equipment feet are extremely flexible and suited for different applications. Designed for easy, fast installation, our levelling feet can be offered to suit a range of conveyor systems and machinery applications. These equipment levelling feet will also help to reduce harmful vibrations. The rubber pad material incorporated in to this range, is oil and water-resistant ensuring the products’ longevity in case of contamination to the footplate. 

If you would like to enquire about purchasing some levelling feet, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist.

Rubber Drive Couplings

Rubber drive couplings are mechanical devices used to smoothly and safely transmit torque and power between shafts whilst accommodating large degrees of angular misalignment, shock and vibration.

GMT design, manufacture and supply a wide range of high quality rubber drive couplings which incorporate rubber to metal bonded elements to transmit high torsional moments. This range includes wedge coupling components, which are easy to assemble and disassemble.

With our Rubber Drive Couplings, we already have an array of sizes and designs available. If these do not suit your needs we are more than happy to create bespoke options to fit your vehicle.

Please contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Conical Mounts

GMT can offer a large range of conical mounts (also known as conical suspensions springs) principally for use on rail vehicle secondary suspension systems, but also suitable for other industrial applications. Their compact design offers high load capacity along with large static vertical deflection. By incorporating slots or voids in the rubber sections, their horizontal stiffness can be altered. Buffers can also be incorporated in to the conical suspension spring design in order to absorb additional shock loads.

Our Conical Mounts provide very effective noise and vibration reduction through a simple design, these can be used on a number of different on and off road vehicles.

Sandwich Mounts

Sandwich mounts are made from rubber sandwiched between two metal plates (they can also be called rectangular mounts). A range of sandwich mount sizes and styles can be manufactured, incorporating mounting holes and/or stud fastenings and one or more metal interleaves. We usually hold a variety of sandwich mounts in stock, however should you not be able to find the product you need for your specific requirements, then we can utilise our design and development knowledge to produce the right solution for your needs. Please contact GMT today if you would like to know more about our sandwich mount range.

Roof Articulation Joints

GMT design and manufacture roof articulation joints or suspension systems to facilitate smooth and flexible interaction between the connections of carriages on multi-car trains. Contact GMT for further information.

H Mounts

H Mountings are manufactured from chloroprene rubber  and  have  resistance to oils and greases.  H Mounts are available in a range of sizes and rubber hardness. If we don’t have the right product for your needs, then we can produce one using advanced design and tooling facilities. Please contact GMT today if you have any enquiries.