Anti Vibration Mounts and Their Uses

Anti vibration mounts provide excellent shock absorption and vibration dampening properties. Pieces of equipment and machinery subjected to noise, shocks and vibrations can be extremely damaged, affecting their lifespan, efficiency and safety. This can often lead to more frequent repairs and replacements, increasing costs for the company or individual. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that anti-vibration mounts are so widely used; their presence can be found in industries ranging from the defence sector to renewable energy and power generation.

As regulations become stricter, the demand for high quality, durable and effective anti vibration mounts is continuing to rise.

Types of Anti-Vibration Mounts and their Use in Industry

By utilising the correct type of mount, you can increase the lifespan of machinery whilst reducing the adverse effects of vibration, noise and shock. GMT design, manufacture and supply a wide variety of specialised mounts, offering both stock and custom solutions for a multitude of industrial applications:

Vibration IsolatorsIsolation Mounts

Our selection of Isolators fulfil two main uses- they can either reduce any noise transmitted outwards from the machine (active) or reduce the amount of vibrations that are travelling to the machine from an external source such as its foundations (passive).

Vibration Isolators can be found in many areas, such as in machinery for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Specific examples of use include heating and ventilation equipment, fans and power generators.

Rubber MountsRubber Mounts

Unlike Vibration Isolators, Rubber Mountings can provide vibration and shock protection in three separate directions. They also provide high levels of resistance to grease and oil making them a popular choice in both the automotive and marine industry. Rubber mounts can often be found in both engines and generators.

Wire Rope MountsExample of our Anti Vibration Mountings

Corrosion-resistant and completely manufactured from stainless steel, our specialist selection of Wire Rope Mounts are designed to withstand the toughest environments. They isolate shock and vibrations from all directions and offer a maintenance free solution to the most demanding tasks.

This resilience makes our range of wire rope mounts ideal for military use, certified to standards MIL-STD-167 for vibration, MIL-STD-810 for environmental conditions and MIL-S-901 for shock. They can be found in rough terrain vehicles, aircraft and vehicle carriers.

Conical MountsSelection of Conical Mounts

Conical mounts are also referred to as rubber cone mounts. With the correct washers, these mounts are suited to both compression and shear loadings. Featuring a failsafe capacity and a high load capacity, they are designed to suit mobile applications for the automotive, commercial vehicle and marine industries.

Machine FeetAnti Vibration Mounts and their Uses - Machine Foot

Machine feet work to reduce vibrations whilst dampening shock loads. With the option of rebound control and a variety of rubber hardness options to suit each application, it isn’t difficult to see why machine feet are used so extensively in industries such as Renewable Energy, Power Generation and Agriculture and Forestry. Common applications include marine mountings, engine mountings and generator mountings.

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