What is Noise Pollution in Construction?

Construction is a noisy business; there’s no denying that. However, are you aware of the importance of controlling vibrations in construction, what the different levels of noise classifications are on construction sites and how damaging excessive construction site noise levels can be? Eliminating the source of the noise is the most effective way to prevent risks to workers. Still, it is not always feasible, so in this blog, we will discuss the industrial noise control regulations to guide your company on the best ways to reduce noise pollution in construction.

The Advantages of Using Rubber Bushes

Rubber bushings are effective in reducing the transmission of shock and vibration between parts. In the automotive industry, there are many advantages of using rubber on shock absorbers, including improved safety and comfort when driving, minimised noise and damage due to reduced vibration.

The use of automotive rubber bushes has been credited to Walter Chrysler, an American automotive industry executive. Walter encouraged the adoption of rubber vibration-isolating mounts to cut down the vibration and noise of vehicles. From then on, automotive rubber bushes were adopted for use in many parts that generate vibration and noise, and are now a conventional method across the automotive and commercial vehicle industries.